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Rescue the prince in this exciting, NEW, FREE-TO-PLAY puzzle game! Manipulate a fantasy realm and help Prince Edwin escape. Collect magical amulets and use our heroine, Clara, to solve puzzles.

Not match 3. Not farm sim. We're bringing unblock games with character-driven magical adventures - to Facebook!


Meet Ker-Chunk Games

Molly Proffitt

CEO & Game Designer

Produced & designed games for Thrust Interactive's clients and Assyria Game Studios. Built every level in PrinceNapped.

Annick Huber

Art Direction

Environment & Game Art Guru, Previously worked on Chozen and The Walking Dead Facebook Game, Crafts our worlds.

Justin Sheets

Client Side Engineer

5 years experience in Unity 3D as well as iOS & Android development. Secretly a master builder.

Leah Knighton

Narrative Designer & Animator

Worked as a 3D modeler for animated movies. Now creates characters for casual games & makes them come to life.

Our Mission

We empower women as players.
  • Make Great Games

    And Spread the Love

    We create cross-platform games that innovate in the puzzle genre and put women in heroic roles.

    Is that a dream you share? We also offer a full suite of creative and development services for clients and partners. Contact us to learn more!

    Voice Change

    Through Powerful Articles

    Check us out on Medium where we write about the games business, women in games, and how to empower your players. Our most recent article:

    "Game Designer:
    It's a job, not a title."

    'A Crash Course on Functional Design Roles in Games' by Molly Proffitt

    Promote STEM

    If you can see it, you can be it.

    We believe in encouraging women of all ages to nuture their creativity in games. Interested? Check out these resources!

    Making Your First Game a video by Extra Credits
    Code Your First Game a free tutorial by Chris DeLeon


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